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Saint-Gobain Korea achieves Innovation with high-capacity injection molding valve...Aiming for double-digit growth
Saint-Gobain Korea achieves Innovation with high-capacity injection molding valve...Aiming for double-digit growth
  • Stan Lee
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Satisfies performance and stability with unique design
Established a global support network for local factories
[Semicon Korea 2019 Exhibitor]
Furon HGVM Air Pressure Valve.
Furon HGVM Air Pressure Valve.

Saint-Gobain Korea will attempt to differentiate itself through injection molding starting in 2019. Injection molding technology is being introduced to valves used in semiconductors and display equipment. It plans to provide proper functions for the high-tech industry such as ultra-high purity (UHP) materials running smoothly and the Internet of Things (IoT) with sensors, in addition to cost competitiveness and making products lightweight. Saint-Gobain also has a global network to support the needs of local factories according to customer requirements. It is aiming for double-digit growth with total solutions.

In the high-tech industry, the goal is for cost reduction to continue. However, the increasing market demand must also be met. The same goes for piping that moves gas and chemicals, and various components that control it. As the processing difficulty increases, maintaining the cleanliness of the material becomes increasingly important. The type and quantity of the material itself increased. Of course, the amount of treatable material is bound to be considered.

Saint-Gobain Korea started in 1989 as The Norton Company and kept the name until 2000 when it was changed to the current state. It specializes in high-performance polymer products used in various industries such as automobiles, aviation, electrical and electronics, semiconductors, food and beverage, and construction. Simply put, the specialization is plastic. Technologies that are lighter, cheaper, and capable of higher performance are essential. The tendency to replace metals is an ongoing overall trend in other fields. In the military, aerospace, and automotive industry, plastic is attracting more attention than metal.

"In the past, most of the products were about 1 inch (pipe diameter), but now they have the largest 2-inch weight, which means that the amount of material has increased," said Kim, Yoon-sung, the Saint-Gobain Korea Technical Sales Manager. He added, “The amount of chemicals that come in, as well as the amount of chemicals that come out of it, must be sufficient as it is for flow coefficient." Then he expressed his faith in the products by saying that "We are confident that the products of Saint-Gobain Korea are higher than those of our competitors in the number of flow meters.

"Pumps and fittings (components that control the flow direction and flow by connecting piping and piping) satisfy the sufficient flow coefficient. Pumps and fittings are the products that Saint-Gobain Korea considers important next to valves. The key is how to design the interior. Manager Kim said, "The internal design of the new product is very different due to the injection molding. For safety reasons, we do not use O-rings or metal materials separately for bonding." He also said, "It is possible to provide long-term stable supply at high purity and high working pressure in the equipment process while using various harmful chemical materials.

"Stability should also be considered. Foshan, which is used to wash the inside of a chamber, is a toxic chemical by itself. It causes problems with the slightest leak. The Furon HGVM valve (air pressure & manual valve) supplied by Saint-Gobain Korea has secured 300,000-lifetime tests to ensure stability. The valve body and housing were made of 100% injection molding to satisfy reliability, stability, and durability. It weighs 3.5kg, which is lighter than that of competitors (6~7kg). It holds a significant advantage in maintenance and installation.

Like the Smart Factory, the sensor function that meets the IoT era is another advantage of Saint-Gobain Korea. "Not only is it operational, but also if the chemical leaks, the valve can be provided with functions that can be detected through the sensor," said Kim, Woo-Ju, head of technical sales department at Saint-Gobain Korea.

Kim said, "The products supplied by Saint-Gobain Korea play a key role in circulating and controlling chemicals in semiconductors and chemicals. UHP functions are used in various places where it is important," said Kim. “We will support to the clients’ system innovation, efficiency, safety and sustainability with various product groups.

"In addition, he added, "We are aiming to support the technology development of our customers by activating exchange with the manufacturing bases of Saint-Gobain Group all over the world. We will build a global network to support local factories and increase the satisfaction."

Furon LCV check valve.
Furon LCV check valve.


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