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QRT, a specialized company for comprehensive analysis of electronic components, sets up a basis for overseas expansion
QRT, a specialized company for comprehensive analysis of electronic components, sets up a basis for overseas expansion
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A joint venture agreement with Outermost in the United States has been signed

QRT, Korea's No. 1 company for reliability and comprehensive analysis service for electronic parts, has set a basis for overseas market entry.

QRT signed a joint venture agreement with Outermost Technology, headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA, earlier this month. Outermost is a semiconductor testing services company established in 2017. Outermost has a significant number of employees with a doctorate degree or higher who have nearly 20 years of practical experience in semiconductor materials and equipment companies. The company possesses state-of-the-art measuring instruments, deposition equipment, and various device manufacturing equipment. It has a wide range of customers in Silicon Valley and is providing electronic component quality measurement evaluation reports and consulting services. In recent years, the company has specialized in new thin film material analysis.

Young-Boo Kim, CEO of QRT.
Young-Boo Kim, CEO of QRT.

Kim Young-Boo, CEO of QRT, said, "This joint venture agreement is meaningful because it has established a basis for providing direct-to-customer service in the US market."

QRT has set a goal of pioneering the automotive semiconductor reliability verification market through the joint venture with Outermost. Through Outermost, QRT will quickly learn new technology trends and plan ahead in the field of comprehensive analysis. Ultimately, QRT's strategy is to enter the US market successfully.

The largest electronic component reliability analysis company in Korea

QRT has been separated from a subsidiary of SK Hynix, SK Hyeng, since May 2014. Although it is a little less than 5 years old, QRT has gained experience and knowledge from the days of Hyundai Electronics founded in 1983. As such, it is regarded as the No. 1 domestic electronic component reliability verification company in Korea.

The representative service of QRT is the reliability test. For example, the company tests, in a specific temperature environment, how well the chip works for several hours, how resistant to static electricity it is, how high the resistance to static electricity, high pressure, and high humidity it is, and how high the resistance to moisture is, and provides the results to the customer. It also provides physical and mechanical testing services such as mechanical impact, drop, vibration, bending, torsion, and bondability. Many customers are looking for QRTs to carry out fault analysis, circuit modification, and material analysis services.

QRT has about 200 kinds of reliability analysis equipment with an introductory price of 10 ~ 20 billion won. More than 1,500 customers have received product reliability verification from QRT. Well-known electronic products, battlefields, and car makers do business with QRT.

QRT is currently expanding into the automotive semiconductor field. Especially, it provides a solution for semiconductor soft errors caused by neutron and alpha particles, auto safety problems and solutions, and is actively conducting related seminars at home and abroad.

This is what QRT emphasizes. High-energy alpha particles emitted from semiconductor materials such as neutron particles, solder balls, and the like from outside are affected by the semiconductor and cause soft errors. It is not easy to find faulty data because the soft error is temporarily changed only by the logic value and it is restored when the power is turned off and on again. It means that it is difficult to know where the breakdown occurred when a car accident happened.

Soft errors due to neutron particles increase as process nodes shrink. Also, when the semiconductor design such as cell design is changed, the influence rate changes. Alpha particles also need to be re-inspected because of the influence rate changes when semiconductor chip materials and materials are changed. QRT provides consultation on soft error rate definition and soft error mitigation defined by ISO 26262.

QRT CEO Kim said, "Recently, the demand for evaluation on the automobile, 5G, and smart-city fields has been increasing. We will continue to invest in and focus on overseas markets to inform the world of the nation's best verification and analysis capabilities."

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