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U-blox offers GNSS M10 for South Korea 
U-blox offers GNSS M10 for South Korea 
  • Nari Lee
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Offers lower power, high performance tracking
U-blox Korea manager KS Son, left. Image: U-blox
U-blox Korea manager KS Son, left. Image: U-blox

U-blox is planning to expand its GNSS business to include wearables.

Its GNSS platform aimed at wearables, called M10, was launched worldwide on November 6.

U-blox’s Korea country manager KS Son said while the company focused on products from automobile in the past, the new M10 was made with both consumer and industrial use in mind from the start.

M10 offers high performance location tracking at low power, which is important for mobile devices.

M10 will consume 12mW of power when tracking consecutively. It consumes 75% less power compared to its predecessor the M8.

It also comes with a power saving mode called Super-E. M10 is sized 4x4mm, 35% smaller than M8’s 5x5mm. This is thanks to quad flat no-lead packaging that increased integration.

M10 supports GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo global systems. The RF is also more sensitive which will allow it to track locations quicker.

M10 will also notify of spoofing and jamming attempts. 

U-blox will offer M10 to South Korean wearable manufacturers as well as car black box makers. 

The company also hopes M10 will be installed on handheld devices, battery reliant products for cars and asset trackers.

MAX-M10S GNSS module and UBX-M10050 GNSS chip-set, which are based on the M10 platform, are being sampled by customers.

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