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Intel announces 10nm SuperFin processor Alder Lake at CES 2021
Intel announces 10nm SuperFin processor Alder Lake at CES 2021
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To launch in the 2nd half of 2021
Image: Intel
Image: Intel

Intel announced its 10nm SuperFin processor Alder Lake at CES 2021.

The chip giant also unveiled its 11th Gen vPro platform, 11th Gen mobile H processors and N-series 10nm Pentium Silver and Celeron processors

The 11th Gen vPro platformed is aimed at the enterprise. It uses Intel’s 10nm SuperFin technology to make. It has Intel Irsis Xe graphics.

The chip also has the fastest Wi-Fi speed offered by Intel in 20 years, the company said. Wi-Fi speed at work will increase by 6 times and by 3 times at home.

Intel said the chip offers 23% increased productivity when using applications like Office 365 compared to competitors. Remote face calls were also up to 50% faster. Video production and editing can be done up to 2.3 times faster than their predecessors, Intel said.

Image: Intel
Image: Intel

The chip giant also launched the Evo vPro, a new standard for notebook performance. Notebooks must have consistent battery responsiveness and system must be rebooted within a second, must offer over 9 hours of FHD display time and offer at least four hours of use time after 30 minutes of charging.

A total of 60 notebooks that meets the Evo vPro standard will launch this year. Intel Evo Chromebook will also launch, the company said.

Intel said PC shipment to schools increased 37% last year. The number of PCs owned per person was also increasing and 50% of PC demand came from students.

N-series Pentium Silver and Celeron is aimed at this expanding education market. The processor is optimized in performance, media and collaboration.

The processors have 35% increased application performance, 78% increased graphic performance and supports Wi-Fi 6.

Students will be able to browse seamlessly while using various applications. The processors can also connect with high performance camera for remote calls.

Image: Intel
Image: Intel

Intel said it has invested US$1 billion in the education sector for the past 15 years. The company launched the Online Education Initiative in April last year amid the pandemic. The company will continues these efforts this year as well, it said.

The company’s 11th Gen Intel Core H series mobile processor is aimed at gaming. They can be installed to 16mm thick notebooks to offer the best gaming, Intel said.

The processor has Intel Core i7 Special Edition 4 cores that offers 5GHz speed. It comes with Gen 4 PCIe that allows it to be connected to external graphics. The processors offer 4K resolution and offers Thunderbolt 4, Intel Killer Wi-Fi 6 and 6E(Gig+) connectivity.

Image: Intel
Image: Intel

Acer, Asus and MSI will launch new notebooks with H35 processors at CES 2021. Over 40 notebooks with H35 will launch within the first half of 2021.

Intel will also launch an 8 core H series processor within the first quarter of 2021. This will offer desktop level gaming feature on notebooks. It will also offer 5GHz speed, Gen 4 PCIe x20 architecture and 40GB per second data transfer rate. 

Alder Lake will launch in the second half of 2021. It is x86 architecture based and made in 10nm SuperFin process, Intel said. SuperFin retains the 10nm process but combines the transistor with metal, insulator and capacitor.

Image: Intel
Image: Intel


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