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Korean chip and display equipment firms see profit surge in 2020
Korean chip and display equipment firms see profit surge in 2020
  • Gijong Lee
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The top 40 companies combined see 66% increase in operating income
Image: Semes
Image: Semes

The top 40 semiconductor and display equipment companies in South Korea saw their operating income and sales increase substantially in 2020.

The companies combined recorded 12.72 trillion won in sales and 1.22 trillion won in operating income, an increase of 25.8% and 66.5%, respectively, from 2019, according to the data on their regulatory filings collected by TheElec.

Semes, the largest fab equipment company in South Korea, recorded 2.21 trillion won in sales, an increase of 95.3% year-on-year.

It is its highest annual sales ever and beats its previous record of 2.03 trillion won in 2017. 

Semes, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, supplies cleaners as well as fab equipment for photo, etching, inspection and packaging. It localized the production of over heat transport (OHT) last year and installed them in Samsung Electronics’ fabs the same year.

Wonik IPS recorded 1.09 trillion won in sales, a rise of 63% from 2019. Its operating income surged 241.8% in the same time period to 140.5 billion won. The company supplies plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) and atomic layer deposition (ALD) machines, which are used in the production of memory chips, to Samsung and SK Hynix. Last year, Wonik also saw sales related to equipment for foundry exceed 100 billion won for the first time.

SFA and Top Engineering recorded 1.55 trillion won and 1.18 trillion won in sales, respectively, a decline 1.7% and 9.2% each. Top Engineering recorded an operating loss of 18.1 billion won. This was mainly due to its subsidiary Powerlogics recording 26.1 billion won in operating loss.

Hanmi Semiconductor saw its sales increase 113.9% to 257.3 billion won. It benefited from increase spending on fabs of its outsourced semiconductor and assembly and test companies. Hanmi’s sales mainly came from its electromagnetic interface shielding and vision placement equipment.

EO Technics saw its earnings improve from increased demand for semiconductor laser annealing machines that are used for 10-nanometer DRAM. LOTVacuum returned to profitability thanks to its supply of dry vacuum pumps, which it supplied to Samsung Electronics three times in deals worth 27.7 billion won combined.

Toptec, Philoptics, LOTVacuum, YEST, Nextin and Charm Engineering all returned to profitability. 

Semes, Wonik IPS and EO Technics saw triple digit growth in operating income, recording an increase of 813.5%, 241.8% and 440.8%, respectively. A total of 11 companies saw triple digit growth in profits.

Top Engineering, Jusung Engineering, JASTech, Finetek, K-Mac and Vessel turned to the red.

Fab equipment companies in South Korea are expecting growth from the increased spending of Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix this year. SEMI is forecasting fab equipment spending to increase 15.5% this year to US$70 billion.

Semes is expecting higher sales in 2021 compared to 2020.

Display equipment companies are facing uncertainties, however. It is yet unknown how much Samsung Display and LG Display will spend on their facilities. Chinese display companies are also expected to focus on improving existing lines.

Image: TheElec
Image: TheElec


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