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President Moon: “Let’s achieve 10% market share of fabless and become No. 1 foundry in the world by 2030.”
President Moon: “Let’s achieve 10% market share of fabless and become No. 1 foundry in the world by 2030.”
  • Yy Lee
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At the System Semiconductor Vision Declaration Ceremony

President Moon Jae-In said, “Let’s maintain our position as number one in the world’s memory market and become the world’s major leader in the comprehensive semiconductor market by achieving the number one position in foundries by 2030 and the 10% fabless share," at the "System Semiconductor Vision Declaration Ceremony" held at Samsung Electronics' Hwasung Business Location's Parts Research Center on the 30th.

To this end, five Main Strategies were announced: △ the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Science and ICT will jointly invest 1 trillion won into the research and development (R & D) budget for 10 years for the next-generation semiconductor development, △ Fostering the high-level and professional workforce of 17,000 until 2030, △ Multi-faceted support for fabless including electronic design automation (EDA) tool provision and newly establishing the 100 billion one fund; △ Fabless-foundry cooperative partnership ecosystem creation, and △ Foundry finance and tax benefits. (relevant article: Five Main Strategies of President Moon's 'System Semiconductor Vision Achievement?').

"Our system semiconductor market share is merely 3%, and we depend on imports for semiconductors that require technological capabilities such as automotive, biotechnology, and cell phone semiconductors," said President Moon. “If our planned outcome for the system semiconductor sector is realized, we will become a comprehensive semiconductor powerhouse," he added. President Moon emphasized that if the goal proceeds as planned, 27,000 new jobs will be created.

President Moon said he will open the public sector first to revitalize the domestic fabless industry. President Moon said, "We will develop the demand related to large-scale public works such as intelligent meter, CCTV, energy, safety, and transportation. We will create a system semiconductor market of 26 million units and over 240 billion won by 2030 in the public sector."

The System Semiconductor Vision Declaration Ceremony was held in the order of the Korea Semiconductor Vision Declaration by the President, the Minister of Industry's System Semiconductor Development Strategy Report, signing of the MOU for mutual cooperation between fabless and customer companies, and extreme ultraviolet (EUV) process 7 Nano wafer chip shipment ceremony.

The win-win cooperation MOU between fabless and customer companies contained that 25 companies and organizations including fabless, foundry companies and customer companies in the automotive, bio, home appliances, energy, machinery, and robots industries will cooperate with one another for mutual benefits. It was decided that joint research and development, commercialization, and demand creation will be proceeded with, while the government will actively support demand-linked technology development.

After the ceremony, President Moon visited the construction site of Samsung Electronics' EUV building and encouraged the field staff after hearing about the progress of the process and the future investment plan.

The event was attended by 42 major system semiconductor companies including Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix, DB Hitech, and Silicon Works, and 10 customer companies including Hyundai Mobis, LG Electronics, KEPCO, and Hyundai Robotics. Also, 40 people from the academic and research sectors such as the presidents of Sungkyunkwan University, Korea University, and Yonsei University, university and graduate students, and about 40 students from Meister Highschools. From the government, about 280 people attended the event including people from the National Assembly and the government, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Economy and Social Affairs, the Minister of Industry, the Minister of the Science and ICT, the Chairman of the Democratic Party Policy Bureau, and related government officials.

Lee Jae-Yong, Vice Chairman of Samsung Electronics, announced Samsung's strategy to become the world’s leading company in the foundry and announced plans for the mutually beneficial cooperation with fabless and equipment companies. "We will be more active in investing in people and technology to make the system semiconductor industry a success," Vice Chairman Lee said and added, "I will always remember the synergy of ecosystem building."

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