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Samsung aims to ship 34 million units of Galaxy Tab series in 2022
Samsung aims to ship 34 million units of Galaxy Tab series in 2022
  • Lee Sang Won
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Company also planning to ship over 35% more of smart watches and wireless earphones
Image: Samsung
Image: Samsung

Samsung is planning to expand its production volume for tablets and PCs next year by 6% and 9%, respectively, compared to 2020, TheElec has learned.

For smart watches and wireless earphones combined, it is aiming to increase production volume by over 35% year-on-year, according to the company’s plan shared with around 30 of its major component suppliers.

For tablets (Galaxy Tab series), it is aiming to ship 33.6 million units, which will be a 6% increase from this year. This rate of increase is double that of the 3% year-on-year increase Samsung is expecting for its tablets this year (an increase to 32 million units from 31 million units).

Per model, it is planning to manufacture 400,000 units, 900,000 units and 1.2 million units of Galaxy Tab 8 Ultra, S8 Plus and S8, respectively. Production for these models will start during the first quarter of 2022. For S8 Lite, it is planning to start production during the third quarter of 2022 and produce a total of 1.6 million units.

Out of its shipment target of 34 million units, over 60% is planned by Samsung to come from Galaxy Tab A series, its mid-tier lineup.

For Galaxy Tab A7 Lite and A8, the tech giant will manufacture 11 million units for each model. It is planning to manufacture a total of 1.2 million units of A7.

To save costs, Samsung is planning to manufacture these models through joint development manufacturers (JDM) __ product design and component procurement will be done together, but these manufacturing partners will handle production.

For the Galaxy Watch series and Galaxy Buds series, it is planning to manufacture 1.9 million units and 23 million units, respectively, which will be an increase of 36% and 35%, respectively, from this year.

Samsung is aiming to expand the connection between these wearables with its smartphones for the growth, sources said.

Galaxy Watch 5 and Buds Live 2 will go into production during the third quarter: Buds Pro 2 will start production during the second quarter.

Unlike these aggressive goals it has set up for tablets and wearables, for PCs, which includes notebooks and desktops, Samsung has set a more conservative target. This is because the company believes stay-at-home trends from the pandemic will begin to wear off in 2022.

In total, Samsung is aiming to ship 7.4 million units of notebooks, an increase of 9% from this year. Previously, the firm aimed to ship 4 million units in 2020 and increased this to 6.8 million units this year. Compared to this increase, the 2022 shipment target is rather conservative.

Out of the 7.4 million units total, the company is aiming to ship over 30 million units each of notebooks and Chromebooks.

Samsung will begin manufacturing Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360 and Galaxy Book 2 Pro 5G model during the second quarter of next year. It is planning to produce a total of 300,000 units each for these models. 

The company is also planning to manufacture Galaxy Chromebook Go through JDM.

Image: TheElec
Image: TheElec


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