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CGP Materials aims for 150 billion won in revenue trough chip patterning material
CGP Materials aims for 150 billion won in revenue trough chip patterning material
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Company begins construction of new factory
Korean materials firm partnered with Nissan, Sumitomo
Image: CGP Materials
Image: CGP Materials

CGP Materials is aiming to reach 150 billion won in annual revenue by 2027 through the expansion of its semiconductor patterning material business.

The electronic material firm said on Thursday that it has started construction of a new factory in Sejong City.

CGP Materials CEO Park Chun-geun said during the groundbreaking ceremony that the company will build a semi-autonomous production system with cutting-edge material synthesis technology at the factory.

Built on 18,000 square meters of space, construction of the factory will start this month and finish in February next year. CGP Materials is aiming to start mass production in June after trial runs. The company is expected to spend 50 billion won on the factory’s construction.

The factory will produce polymer and monomer materials. In polymer, photoresist, bottom anti-reflection coating (BARC), spin-on-hardmask (SOH) materials will be produced. In monomer, photo acid generators (PAG) and adhesives will be made.

CGP Materials’ customers and potential customers also partook in the ceremony, including executives from Nissan Chemical, Dongwoo Fine-Chem (Sumitomo’s subsidiary in South Korea), and SK Materials Performance.

Nissan Chemical Korea Sone Yasuhisa said the company formed a strategic partnership with CGP Materials last year. Kim Sang-tae, head of R&D at Dongwoo Fine-Chem, said the company has been collaborating with CGP Materials in raw materials for chip production and is expecting results soon from the collaboration.

Nissan Chemical is the world’s largest producer of BARC, which is coated on the substrate to prevent light reflection before photoresists are deposited. This prevents photoresist patterns from breaking down. CGP materials is expected to supply polymer materials for BARC in use in extreme ultraviolet process. The South Korean chemical firm is also expected to supply polymer material for SoH, which prevents micropatterns from collapsing.

With Dongwoo Fine-Chem, CGP Materials is developing polymer material for KrF, I-line photoresist. The photoresist used in chip circuit patterning is comprised of PAG and solvent. CGP Materials will supply the polymer and PAG.

CGP Materials CEO Park Chun-geun said end customers (Samsung and SK Hynix) are luring foreign material companies to build their factories in South Korea following Japan’s trade restriction and the supply chain disruption caused by the pandemic.

CGP Materials will supply the core materials needed in the production of chip patterning material for rapid growth, the CEO added.

Nissan Chemical built a factory in Dangjin, South Korea with 100 billion won last year, which supplies chemicals to domestic chipmakers alongside its existing factory in Pyeongtaek. Sumitomo is also planning to spend 300 billion won in Iksan, South Korea to produce ArF PR. They likely partnered with CGP Materials to procure production materials locally.

CGP Materials was founded in October 2021 and produces electronic materials. It has secured 4 billion won in funding after it was founded. The new factory received a strategic investment from Kosdaq-listed Hanwool Materials Science, which invested 42 billion won into CGP Materials through convertible bonds in March.

Hanwool Materials Science is also spending an additional 8 billion won in CGP Materials’ new factory for the production system. It is hoping to produce and sell PAG in collaboration with CGP Materials. A Hanwool Materials Science spokesperson said it expects a minimum revenue of 10 billion won through PAG alone next year.

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