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Link Genesis, semiconductor equipment SW enters the global market with a target of increasing sales by 20%.
Link Genesis, semiconductor equipment SW enters the global market with a target of increasing sales by 20%.
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Establishing a joint venture in China within the 1st quarter
Pioneering AI image examination solution
[Semicon Korea 2019 exhibitor]
Communication between semiconductor equipment, Operating SW Link Genesis XCom Pro (left), GEM Driver (right).
Communication between semiconductor equipment, Operating SW Link Genesis XCom Pro (left), GEM Driver (right).

Semiconductor and display equipment SW company Link Genesis is quickening their quest for China by starting a business agreement with smart factory company called Wellin Tech and establishing a joint venture in Guangzhou. It plans to finish the plan within the first quarter and wishes to proceed with joint R&D as well. It also aims to increase sales growth by 20% this year including a new business, AI image examination solutions.

Link Genesis is the first company to commercialize supporting SW for the international standard communication protocol of high-tech production equipment. Automation is essential to increase production and supply of products at a reasonable scale. As production facilities are complicated, communication standardization is required between equipment or between equipment and the control computer.

After the company was founded in 2003, Link Genesis successfully developed an SW driver for easily realizing SECS(SEMI Equipment Communication Standard) and a GEM Driver for overlooking all kinds of status changes from equipment start and stop.

It has commercialized ‘XCom Pro’, ‘XGem Pro’, ‘XGem 300 Pro’, ‘XGem PLC’, ‘XGem DS’ and etc.Now leading semiconductor and display producers are using Link Genesis products. Just XCom Pro has sold 20,000 units at 300 locations. XGem Pro and XGem 300 Pro has been 5,000 units at 120 locations. In February of 2018, the company went public from Konex to Kosdaq and recently, it was funded around 10 Billion KRW by increasing capital by the third-party issuing new stocks. Link Genesis will actively move onto the overseas market as SECS and GEM sales were mostly within Korea.

Jong Woo Lee, The Planning and Marketing Director of Link Genesis, explained that “the company will finish establishing a joint venture with Wellin Tech and aggressively target the market” and that “market share will reach 5% by targeting not only current equipment companies but also application components and selling MAT.

According to SEMI, the semiconductor equipment market in China is USD 11.8 Bil. (about 13 Trillion KRW). There are many opportunities for SW to run the mostly imported equipment. Link Genesis believes that its plan will work in China as it did in Korea because the competitor’s product is twice as expensive. It is agreed by many that the stability of their products is also excellent as leading Korean companies are using them.

Director Lee emphasized that “20% sales growth is the target for AI using products as we enter the overseas market. Newly entered business field of AI image examination solution’s development has been finalized last year and we will aggressively promote it to expand its presence.” Last year’s sales volume of Link Genesis is approximately 12 Bil KRW before final count. This year’s sales goal is around 15 Bil KRW.

AI image examination solution is excellent with visual deep learning (VDL). VDL’s core value is to take shots of the subject for evaluation from different angles and analyzing by comparing with a regular product using AI technology. It is more accurate than finding defects with bare eyes. The deviation of assessment result is small and the long-term process can be done. It also has an advantage of fast and accurate assessment on the subject. Various algorithms and SDK are also provided for better AI study. A customized system can be established for the customers.

Link Genesis plans to show smart factory platform technology such as equipment SW, electronic product assessment automation business technology and automation of production facility after Industry 4.0 through Semicon Korea 2019 held at KOEX in Samsung-Dong, Seoul.

AI image examination solution visual deep learning.
AI image examination solution visual deep learning.


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