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Samsung Electronics President Jong-Hee Han says, "Double-digit growth in 8K product sales has been achieved in the premium TV market"
Samsung Electronics President Jong-Hee Han says, "Double-digit growth in 8K product sales has been achieved in the premium TV market"
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More units of QLED TVs were sold than OLED TVs last year
Jong-Hee Han, President of Samsung Electronics Image Display Division
Jong-Hee Han, President of Samsung Electronics

"Half of Samsung's ultra-large TVs sold in Korea are 8K TVs. This year, the sales target is more than double-digit revenue growth in the premium TV market (typically priced at more than $2500). "

Han Jong-Hee, President of Samsung Electronics Visual Display Business, said as such at the ‘QLED 8K’ key technology briefing session held at Suwon Samsung Digital City on the 8th. President Han emphasized that liquid crystal display (LCD) based QLED TVs were more common than organic light emitting diode (OLED) TVs. "Global QLED TV sales were higher than OLED TV sales. They started catching up to OLED sales from the second quarter, surpassed them in the 3rd and 4th quarters, and, overall, exceeded them last year."

According to market researcher IHS Markets, the QLED TV sales record, which was only 360,000 units in the first quarter of last year, exceeded 550,000 units in 2Q, 660,000 units in 3Q, and 1 million units in 4Q. The OLED TV sales were 360,000 units in 1Q, 581,000 units in 2Q, 550,000 units in 3Q, and 920,000 units in 4Q.

President Han explained that sales targets will be set according to the amount of LCD panel production needed for 8K TV production.

"8K panels are made only by Samsung Display, Sharp, and AUO, and Samsung Electronics consumes all of the production by Samsung Display. The 8K TV sales target will depend on the panel makers' production volume. And half of the market would be taken by Samsung Electronics,” he said. In the industry, global 8K TV sales volume are expected to reach 800,000 units this year. According to what President Han said, Samsung Electronics' 8K TV sales target is estimated at 400,000 units.

It is also argued that high prices and lack of content will take hold when it comes to 8K products. President Han, however, confidently believed that 8K TV can become popular more rapidly than when 4K TVs settled into the market. With the development of 5G mobile communication and upscaling technology, content problems were not expected to be serious as in the 4K era. Micro LED TV 'The Wall' focuses on the B2B market this year. The individual transaction (B2C) has been decided to be judged selectively. He added that, in terms of B2B sales, the supply is having a hard time meeting the demand.

President Han explained that Samsung TV’s two-track business strategy, 'QLED + micro light emitting diode (LED),' is unchanged. He added, "(QD OLED) is in the R&D stage, and as it is being developed by Samsung Display, so we will know once it becomes available. The strategy of promoting QLED and micro LEDs is unchanged."
If the QLED is based on LCD that requires backlight unit (BLU), the QD OLED is based on self-luminous display technology that emits lights itself. Samsung Display is currently preparing to operate the QD OLED pilot line on the L8-1 LCD production line, the Tangjung 8th generation in Asan City, Chungcheongnam-do. It plans to prepare development, mass production verification, and investment direction until April.

On the other hand, regarding the 8K consortium formed by Samsung Electronics in order to expand the 8K ecosystem, President Han added, “it started with the idea that ‘priority should be given to display standard and contents transmission method.’ Thus, rather than inviting a specific company, any company interest may enter the consortium.”

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